Sammlung: Philip Bloom

London, Great Britain

Philip began his filmmaking career at Sky, travelling the world as a cameraman. His recent credits include work with Lucasfilm,Discovery HD, Five, Living, Sky One, and more.

Bloom's 2011 documentary film "How to Start a Revolution" about Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp premiered at the 27th annual Boston Film Festival and won Best Documentary, as well as the Mass Impact Award. It also won Best Documentary at theRandance Film Festival.

In March 2014 his short film "Koh Yao Noi" won "Best Travel / Landscape Film" at the NYC Drone Film Festival.

His most recent work on CNN's "The Wonder List with Bill Weir took him around the world. And he always has his camera with him!

His breathtaking pictures are mostly taken with the Sony A7rii/iii and the medium format Pentax 645Z.